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Privacy Policy

Use of Cookies and IP logging

This site and the blog use cookies and/or web beacons to collect data to serve ads related to your taste and geographic location. We use Google Anaytics and abide by their privacy policy terms and conditions.

We use SMS gateways and we send OTP and transactional SMS for some of the activites you do on this site. We do not send promotional SMS without your prior permission. 

Use of Images

We have done our best to provide image credits whenever we have used images in the blog, if they are not our property. In case we have flawed somewhere or if you feel one or more of your intellectual properties are being used inappropriately feel free to contact us and we will take necessary steps to remove the image or credit you appropriately.

Content on this website

  • Most of the content is original and written by our writers.
  • Some visiting information, destination descriptions and photos are user submitted. We do check for their authenticity before they are published. But they tend to get duplicated if the same person posts the same on other sites. We are not to be held responsible in such cases.
  • In some cases where we accept user generated content like reviews or feedback we do check for authentic content. Such content may not always be possible to ensure zero duplication.
  • All quoted content will carry a reference in text or hyperlinks.
  • In case you find a violation of copyright notify us and we will remove the content within 48 hours.

Technologies used

This website is built on PHP-HTML-Javascript-MySQL.  We work mostly on open source languages / technologies. So we abide by GNU / GPL privacy policies as well.

Note :

We reserve the right to update this policy based on the following factors and we may or may not inform any user or entity using this website. So please review the privacy policies at regular intervals to make sure our policies are in agreement with yours.

  1. Policies of our service provider / advertisers.
  2. Govt. Rules
  3. Company Policies.
  4. Technology Enhancement and related requirements in change of privacy

Published On: Mar 27,2017 20:20